School Timing: Monday - Saturday - 9:00 AM - 03:45 PM
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Rules & Regulations

History of Belfield Metric Higher Secondary School

Rules & Regulations

Students must be neatly dressed in school uniform daily.

Students must not be absent without obtaining leave from the principal beforehand.

Students are strictly advised not to wear any type of costly jewels to school.

All the students are asked to bring lunch in the morning itself enabling smooth discipline of the school.

Students are not allowed to bring any non-academic related books, newspapers, periodicals, magazines, articles and electronic items like, camera, cellular phones, playing cards, CDs etc. unless prior permission is sought from the school authorities.

Children should not leave the school premises without obtaining permission from the class teacher and Principal.

Every student must take part in physical training and games unless exempted on medical grounds.

Parents and guardians are not allowed to meet the teachers during the class hours. They can meet the teacher on all open days and after the school hours through the office.

Parents are asked not to send relatives, drivers or any well-wishers during the class hours to meet or pick the children up without a written letter (in case of any emergency.)

Parents should allow the school authorities to make use of the talents of their wards as and then required.

Children must strictly follow the dress code given by the school. Students who do not come in full uniform will not be permitted to attend their classes. They will be sent home, and a fine may be imposed.